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Citrus pruning

Question: How do my citrus fruits look? I have a plant of lemons, one of mandarin and one of orange. How can I prune and protect them from pests FALKET 2100 -Professional pruning shears with double cutting, hot forged, cm.21 Price
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Nopal The Nopal is nothing but the plant that is scientifically classified with the name of Opuntia ficus, that is the prickly pear, native of Mexico, but very frequent on the Italian and Mediterranean coasts. In ancient times, this plant with tasty fruits and covered with thorns was considered sacred by the populations of central America and especially by the Aztecs.
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Note to the flower grower: growing lashenalia and photos

It is winter outside, and a beautiful exotic flower is fragrant in the room on the windowsill. The sun is on the leg. A charming graceful plant with long, wide leaves, with bright bell flowers. It delights everyone, conquers with fragrant lush flowering in the midst of winter. One problem is that you rarely see this beautiful flower at our florists.
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