Plant recognition

Plant recognition

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Question: Plant recognition

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me what this plant is? Thanks in advance

Answer: Plant recognition

Dear Edward,
the plants you saw are lychnis coronaria; it is a perennial or biennial plant, which arises spontaneously in most of the Mediterranean areas. It is a plant of easy cultivation, which loses all the air in winter; in many places, the cool and humid climate kills small plants, but the abundant fertile seeds allow the lychnis to reproduce from year to year. So the final effect is always to get a new small shrub full of flowers every year. The stems and leaves are covered with a fine down, a clear sign that the plant has adapted well to living in full sun, even in areas where sunlight is strong and very hot. They are plants that really need little care, except to water them in case of a very prolonged drought, otherwise they tend to stop flowering. In addition to this, it is advisable to remove the withered flowers, to favor a more prolonged flowering, but also to ensure that the plant has a denser and more compact development; otherwise, as the months go by, they tend to stretch out too much, becoming very messy. In addition to this, they are really low-maintenance plants, which can be planted in the perennial or annual flowerbed, but also in the rock garden; it is fundamental to guarantee to the small plants a very well drained soil, not necessarily rich. If you can get the seeds, you can also sow them directly, in March or April.