Stuttgart botanical garden

Stuttgart botanical garden

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Stuttgart Botanical Garden: Stuttgart Botanical Garden

This time we make a jump of as many as 10 parallels and visit the Stuttgart Botanical Garden.
In January, the German countryside paints with a continuous white tint. Arrival in the city of Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Wurtemberg.
It went well, I think, the sun is strong, the sky clear; good photos will come.
Fast and fast arrival in the Garden area, near the immense agricultural faculty where there are dozens and dozens of university greenhouses.
An immense garden, simply a composed beauty, crystallized in the silence of winter
So many completely frozen ponds and the small frozen flora, hidden by a high layer of snow. Nothing else.
In my mind I cover the report of a journalistic defeat, "The expanse of snow conceals the secrets of the Stuttgart botanical garden".
By chance I meet a boy, three or four books on his arm; I see an inscription "Botanic" and stop it.
I discover the existence of a second vegetable garden open to the public, hosted by the city's zoo.
I find myself so in front of the entrance and paid the ticket I suddenly enter a sequence of greenhouses.
It is an amazing succession of plants from 5 continents, maintained in ideal climatic conditions by a system that automatically controls the temperature and humidity level in real time.
It is possible to observe a rich collection of succulent plants from the Asian, African and Latin American deserts.
Among the many there are also the seats of the mother-in-law of uncommon dimensions and splendor.
There is also a rich collection of orchids including the Hybriden Orchid from South America, and then the Vandatricolor Orchid.
It is possible to appreciate a beautiful area dedicated to carnivorous plants.
The Amazon greenhouse, an incredibly realistic reconstruction of the South American tropical environment, certainly deserves special attention. Everything is taken care of in every detail: from the artificial waterfall surrounded by brackets of ferns to the ponds that are home to the ever so friendly crocodiles.
Leaving the area dedicated to greenhouses, it is possible to visit the large areas that host many animal species from penguins to a beautiful group of pink flamingos that walk along the banks of a small artificial lake.