Wedding centerpiece

Double centerpiece

Many engaged couples plan the ceremony of their marriage, so as to carry out by themselves certain actions aimed at giving a particular aspect to the ritual but also to the wedding banquet. These actions that are treated in detail, offer the guests a pleasant enough aesthetic vision that will be remembered over time. Obviously you can also turn to other people to carry out this type of task but it is always better to organize your wedding with your own ideas especially with regard to the small details that give a touch of class to the ceremony. Especially if you have time available, it is better to inform yourself and create furnishing accessories to be remembered over time. Alternatively, you can turn to those agencies that deal precisely with making the memory of that important day remain indelible, but those who love DIY, will certainly want to prepare by themselves those objects that embellish and decorate wedding tables and tables for guests at ceremony. For this reason, designing and making your wedding banquet centerpieces with fresh flowers positioned in a certain way and this, besides being a trendy idea, will also help you act economically because you will save on the cost of a agency dedicated to the organization. The wedding centerpieces can be made in different ways taking into account the period in which the marriage takes place.

Winter double centerpiece

It is the details that make the ceremony more beautiful than a person's life, a day to remain alive in the memory. If you get married on a winter day, there is nothing better than a centerpiece equal to the period, which recalls natural ideas, the season that welcomes your wedding. Get some goblet-shaped glasses and fill them with coarse salt. Then fill them with small pine cones that you will have collected during your walks in the mountains. Put on each table of the guests, the centerpieces naturally entrusting them to the operators of the restaurant who will arrange to place it in the middle of the tables prepared and expertly prepared for the occasion. If you want you can color the pine cones with some silver or golden spray paint or you can place in each cone opening, right in the middle of the wooden “little leaf”, a white flower that you will attach with a drop of hot glue. If you prefer, instead of the glass you can use glass bowls where you will put the corolla-shaped pine cones and in the middle you will be able to locate a white flower. Wanting the bowls can be decorated with a white satin ribbon that you will close with a bow and on the knot of the latter, always with the glue, you will place a satin rose.

Double summer centerpiece

If you marry from the Month of May onwards, you cannot miss the roses whose corollas will be placed in an elegant circular saucer. In the middle you will place a white candle adorned with a ribbon. To recall the centerpieces placed at the guest table, you can create a larger centerpiece in the same style that you will place in the middle of the refreshment table. You will make it using a fruit stand. You will put a lot of candles as big as the surface and you will surround them with fresh white roses that you will stick with the glue. On each floor of the riser, you will perform the same operation. The effect will be spectacular and very scenic. If the wedding takes place in the evening, you can also light the candles and maybe turn off the lights in the room for those few moments that are enough to create an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Another very delicate idea is to compose double centerpieces with water and rose petals that are not necessarily white. You have to get yourself some glasses with a square border and quite high. In these you will put some rose petals of the color you prefer then pour some water into the glass until you fill three of this. Then place on the surface, one of those candles that can float on the water. The effect will be amazing. But the ideas are really many and they are not just about roses. Small water lilies floating in glass bowls will make the guests fall in love as well as freesias or anemones deprived of the stem and put to float in the water together with candles, leaves and small shells.

Wedding centerpiece: Double centerpiece with placeholder

Another nice idea is to create original centerpieces combining the beauty of flowers with an original placeholder that will mark the tables of families. You can use fat plants in small pots that you will wrap in a soft linen handkerchief that you will stop with a satin ribbon. With bristol cards cut into small rectangles with knurled scissors, you will get nice elements to write the name of the family or friends to whom the table is destined. You will attach the ticket to the ribbon through one of those small clips and close packages. Dry twigs tied with green raffia to simulate grass and small bouquets of lavender combined with twigs will be very welcome to guests and will also give off a pleasant scent. With the system of bristol cards cut into rectangles, you can make the placeholders by piercing the upper left side of the ticket which you will attach with a fine rope to the twigs. And if you want to make placeholders in marine style, create lots of white flakes and in the middle of each one you will attach a shell with hot glue and on the longer side of the bow, you will write with a felt-tip pen, the name of the guest to whom it is intended for the table.