Cellulite tablets

Cellulite tablets

It is now known that one of the greatest enemies of women is cellulite, an annoying cutaneous problem affecting about 80% of the female sex; it is, specifically, a real pathology, caused by hypertrophy of fat cells, located under the skin, which alters, slowing it, the normal blood and lymphatic flow of the body. Cellulite, also known as "orange peel", afflicts, therefore, many women who daily try to fight it with all possible means and efforts; four main causes of the onset of fatal cellulite can be identified: genetics, sedentary lifestyle, incorrect nutrition and hydration and hormonal imbalance. It must be specified that, if two of the causes just listed (sedentary life and unbalanced diet) are substantially solvable, in the event that you find yourself having cellulite for genetic or hormonal reasons, you can intervene to improve its aesthetic appearance, but in few cases this dysfunction is completely resolved until its complete disappearance. As regards, instead, sedentary habits and poor diet, it is always advisable to lead an active, healthy life, including a good part of time dedicated to sporting activity (to be performed both in the gym and outdoors) but, above all, to learn to eat in a balanced way, without too many excesses and limiting the use of salt in food, one of the main causes of water retention. In addition to all these useful measures for elimination or, in any case, for the reduction of cellulite imperfections, there are on the market various products designed specifically for people suffering from orange peel skin; among these products, to be mentioned are the anti-cellulite tablets.

How to recognize the different stages of cellulite

Although when we talk about cellulite we tend to generalize the problem, in reality there are different forms and stages, which therefore provide for different treatments and treatments; three types of cellulite can be identified: edematous, fibrous and sclerotic. In the case of edematous cellulite it is at the first stage, ie there is an abnormal accumulation of liquids between the cell and the cell, or in adipose tissue; this first form of orange peel is clearly visible if you press the skin in certain areas, such as ankles, calves, inner leg, knee, thighs and buttocks. The fibrous cellulite, on the other hand, represents the second stage and is characterized by the presence of small nodules that overlap the adipose tissue, going to create a real increase of connective tissue; in this case, the skin appears swollen, with protuberances evident and hard to the touch. Finally, in the case of sclerotic cellulite, or the most severe form of cellulite, all these elements are aggravated, with the addition of pain when the skin is compressed with the fingers, due to thickening of the tissues and a compression of the nerve endings. Before proceeding, therefore, with the assumption of anti-cellulite tablets, it is advisable to identify the specific stage to which it belongs, so as to intervene with targeted tablets.

Combat cellulite with the help of anti-cellulite tablets

As mentioned above, there are several ways to combat cellulite, first of all a correct diet and a good physical activity; but to increase its effectiveness there are several products on the market to be taken daily, but not for prolonged periods; great success are having the anti-cellulite tablets, as they are practices to be taken at any time and place of the day, but above all rich in active ingredients and natural substances able to favor the elimination of excess fluids, the cause of the onset of the skin orange peel. It is advisable to start taking anti-cellulite tablets at particular times of the year (spring and summer) or at the beginning of a diet; there are no particular contraindications to report, other than to avoid taking them during pregnancy or during breastfeeding or only in rare cases in which the components of the tablets can harm people who manifest specific intolerances towards them. Finally, the cost of anti-cellulite tablets can vary considerably depending on the case, but the minimum cost is around 8/10 euros per pack.

Composition of anti-cellulite tablets

As mentioned above, anti-cellulite tablets are an excellent ally in the tough fight against cellulite, to be combined obviously with other remedies; in most cases, this type of tablets are composed of natural substances, able to improve lymphatic circulation, gradually expel excess fluids through diuresis, increase basal metabolic rate (responsible for eliminating fats even before they accumulate) in the famous critical points) and favor localized weight loss. Analyzing the composition of the anti-cellulite tablets, to signal the presence of the centella asiatica (it contrasts the venous insufficiency and the swelling of the legs and ankles), caffeine (it has lipolytic properties and is able to favor the mobilization of fatty acids in the adipose tissues ), pineapple (famous for its ability to burn fat), blueberry extract (greatly improves blood circulation) and coconut oil (gives elasticity to the skin).