Geranium oil

Geranium oil

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History and general indications

Geranium oil was introduced into Europe by the English and Dutch colonists returning from southern Africa in the seventeenth century, from then on it was always used to extract it from the leaves and flowers of this ornamental plant through distillation because of its many healing properties and insect repellents.
The geranium plant from which the oil is extracted is the common ornamental plant that we all know and that we often use to decorate the exterior of the houses for its bright colors and because it resists weather variations quite well being a perennial plant.
The oil extracted from the geranium, freshly distilled, appears as a green liquid with a sweet and very delicate odor, which is then processed and mixed according to need or left pure.
From ancient times, its healing, anti-haemorrhagic and antiseptic properties were known and for this reason it was applied as a healing on the wounds. To date many more are the exceptional qualities that have been discovered of this incredible product of nature: in fact, we know the benefits on the nervous system, on the epidermis, but also the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soothing and not less important advantages being a natural insect repellent that shows no contraindication even for more fragile categories such as children, the elderly and pregnant women.
Last but not least, cosmetics have also made good use of the qualities of this precious natural oil: used for acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, but also against cellulite due to its revitalizing effect on the system peripheral circulatory system.
Geranium oil shows all its qualities in different fields as we will try to explain later and having it at home guarantees the opportunity to solve common problems with a few simple gestures.

Healing properties

Geranium oil for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties is ideal to put on small sores, not deep wounds, annoying cuts, blisters, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, chilblains and burns.
Its analgesic character makes it particularly effective against sore throats, pharyngitis, but also inflammation of the oral cavity, such as gingivitis; as an analgesic it is particularly recommended also against pain caused by arthritis.
Also being a natural antispasmodic, geranium oil is recommended for the treatment of neuralgia of a nervous nature, but also against menstrual pain due to contractions of the uterus in the ovulatory phase.
Geranium oil is a natural stimulant of the lymphatic system and is therefore recommended as a tonic for the liver and kidneys, but also against all those disorders that arise from difficulties in the circulatory system (water retention, couperose, hemorrhoids and varicose veins).
The beneficial effects of this oil on the lymphatic system also guarantee a greater immune response against mycotic and herpes simplex attacks.
Its decongestant action has been positively tested for the resolution of mammary jams of the mother who are breastfeeding, without any contraindication for newborns who are breastfeeding.

Cosmetic properties

Geranium oil is recommended as a support for antiacneic treatments: its anti-inflammatory and astringent power acts directly on the boils, also compacting the epidermal tissue with the result of a nourished, protected, purified but not oily skin.
This wonderful oil is also very useful as a make-up remover: its oily formula allows you to quickly remove even waterproof and long-lasting make-up.
To be massaged it is particularly indicated against cellulite, preventively to not extend the areas in which couperose is present, but also against stretch marks in case of a sudden weight change or during pregnancy.
The efficacy of this oil with its many uses has been proven as an adjunct to the defense of the epidermis from sun rays and as an excellent after-sun lotion, even in the event of sunburn.
Particularly effective also in the care of dry hair: just add a few drops of geranium oil to the shampoo to see them immediately brighter and invigorated.
Being a natural insect repellent it prevents the possible and unsightly puncture bubbles, giving a fresh, sweet and floral scent to those who wear a few drops. Ideal for a summer evening when you don't want to give up the charm by protecting your skin from annoying insects, such as mosquitoes.

Geranium oil: Aromatherapy properties

Geranium oil, used in the appropriate diffusers or in the humidifiers of radiators, is excellent for cooling rooms even in the presence of sick and bedridden people who benefit from the fresh fragrance that this oil spreads. There have been positive effects against excessive fatigue during stressful periods: its scent has relaxing and relaxing properties and is therefore an excellent adjuvant to recover from moments of anxiety and depression.
In particular, the essential oil extracted from geranium seems to have greater effects on women, so much so as to be called "the essence of women", specifically it is an exceptional remedy against apathy caused by depression and personal insecurity, its smell fresh and lively it is immediately able to stimulate the imagination and the female imagination helping to find solutions to complicated situations, it helps to understand and externalize what one has in the heart by better balancing the relationships with others.
Its efficacy is also found in premenstrual syndromes and during menopause as it favors the inner balance of the person.