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Question: hibiscus

This summer I planted a blue hibiscus in a sunny part of the garden, despite the smallness of the plant the first two or three flowers have already sprung up in August. Even if it fertilizes the plant every two weeks with ox blood, I noticed that from the first days of November the seedling leaves small yellow and dry leaves. What does it mean? Do I already have to cover the plant? Many thanks for your reply.

Answer: hibiscus

Dear Simona,
with the shortening of the days and the decrease in the minimum temperatures, the plants naturally prepare themselves for the winter vegetative rest. In general it is advisable to suspend the fertilizations already in September, to avoid enriching the soil with mineral salts which the plant does not need at this time of the year, and which will be washed away by the rains before the arrival of spring.
Generally the deciduous hibiscus spends the winter in complete vegetative rest, and can easily withstand even very harsh temperatures, many degrees below zero. Therefore it does not need winter cover in most of Italy.