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Wedding flowers

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Flowers for the wedding: how to choose them to give life to a perfect ceremony

The choice of wedding flowers undoubtedly represents one of the most important decisions for the ceremony. The decoration of the location and the bride's bouquet are fundamental parts of the event. Of course, personal tastes can only guide the choice, but the possibility of combining the latest trends and traditions could be very appropriate. First of all, however, it is necessary to identify the places that will have to be decorated with flowers: not only the church or the town hall, but also the bride's house, the newlyweds' car and the restaurant. Each element, of course, will have to denote a specific particularity, but without giving up a general harmony in the setting up or in the type of flower: for example, you could focus on a certain type of flower and then decline in various places in different colors, in full compliance with an overall balance.

Establish an initial budget to understand what you can afford

It is clear that any decision regarding the decorations with flowers cannot be separated from establishing an overall budget: in short, by doing so you can immediately understand which flowers you can afford. Even with a small budget, for that matter, you don't need to worry, in the sense that the floral landscape offers solutions for all budgets, even out of the ordinary. And if you really have to deal with an almost empty wallet, you can always focus on wildflowers. Particular attention must be paid to colors, shades and shades, combined with the wedding dress. It is preferable to avoid extremes, for example with excessively neutral colors (which in the general context are likely to disappear) or, on the other hand, with colors that are too forced, which could contrast with the rest of the environment. It is clear that the choice of marriage flowers is also influenced by the time of the year in which the ceremony is staged: it seems almost superfluous to emphasize that the purchase of seasonal flowers, besides having beneficial effects on the portfolio, favors a contextualization with the wedding season. Those who can afford it, from an economic point of view, have the opportunity to refer to a professional in the field, a so-called flower designer, an expert in flowers and decorations who can think of innovative solutions and provide suggestions. Even without a flower designer, however, the importance to be attributed to the bouquet, which, although representing an independent element, must be chosen respecting the harmony with the rest of the flowers.

Choose the flowers according to the season: peonies in spring, sunflower in summer, tulips in winter

Ideal for any season, in addition to roses of any color, there are orchids, carnations, lilies and gerberas, but gypsophila, freesia, lisianthus and anthurium also deserve a special eye. Chromatically, white is never a wrong choice, even more so in the Church. Here, in the event of a religious celebration, it will be advisable to avoid aggressive colors, also in order not to incur in the eyes of the parish priest. For a spring wedding, the best flowers will be peonies, hydrangeas and mimosas. Good also calla lilies, camellias, buttercups, lilacs, lilies of the valley, anemones: country flowers and light, with delicate tones and pastel colors. For a ceremony celebrated in the summer, on the other hand, you can dare to a greater extent, focusing on the lathyrus odoratus (the sweet pea, pink, white or lilac), on the sunflower, on the dahlia, on the hydrangea, on the fragrant lavender, on the camellia. An autumn bride, on the other hand, will look for green, purple and white flowers, taking into account an advantage: in the colder seasons, plants perish less quickly than in summer. Finally, a winter wedding can be enriched with seasonal flowers such as hyacinths, hollies, tulips, amaryllis and buttercups. It would be preferable to avoid the reference to the Christmas season: for this reason, focusing on red and white, on a chromatic level, might seem trivial.

Wedding flowers: Decide on the kind of composition: bouquets or bunches hanging from the ceiling

The selection operation, once the flowers to be purchased have been identified, is not finished however, in the sense that at this point it is necessary to select the kind of composition most appreciated: in short, the way in which the flowers will be presented. The range of options available is very wide, ranging from small but pleasant bouquets with a rounded shape to very opulent hanging compositions. An undoubtedly spectacular solution, then, consists in dropping spheres of roses and mist from the ceiling, forming innovative and perfumed chandeliers. As mentioned, there is something for every budget, never forgetting the style of the places concerned. In conclusion, it will also be useful to consider some variations on the theme: in short, three or four different solutions, so to speak of emergency, in such a way as to provide a touch of personal class to the entire ceremony. For the car of the spouses, for example, they can be bought essential and simple floral arrangements, or aggressive and intensely colored. Much depends, as seen, on the economic availability and the kind of marriage that is intended to be carried out.