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Garden covers

Garden roofs are all those fixed or mobile structures that allow you to create a dedicated and sheltered space in our garden: they can be used to carry out our favorite hobbies, they can repair our work tools, create a pleasant conviviality oasis or repair our cars. In all these cases, however, they create a very pleasant overview of our green area, adding important and elegant architectural motifs.
Their ability to protect and repair from the weather and the hot summer sun make them an irreplaceable element and an extremely useful purchase. The classic and timeless gazebos, the enchanting pergolas, the umbrellas and even the awnings are useful in the category of garden coverings, useful for repairing us and our house in all seasons.
These outdoor furnishing elements can be found in all specialized centers for gardening and DIY, they are easy to install and cover the most varied price ranges based on the material of manufacture. Compared to indoor furniture, they require more attention and some planned annual maintenance interventions in order to keep them in good condition for several years but fully repay these devices as they are functional, useful and greatly enhance your garden.
In fact, garden coverings extend the liveability of the building even in the outdoor area and this can be pleasant not only for adults but also for children and younger children, who will enjoy a sheltered area to play or have fun in the open air.
So let's see what are the main classes of roofs and how they can be exploited to the fullest.

Gazebo and pergolas

If you want to receive friends in your garden and make a good impression then you can't miss a nice gazebo or a pergola: both can be made of wood or have a metal structure and are ideal to be placed anywhere in your garden according to your liking . The pergola is created specifically to be associated with creepers (for example roses or a fragrant jasmine) that will cover it almost entirely, creating a completely floral shade but the presence of hedges or flowers can make even the pergola even more pleasant, creating a gracious intimacy and a sense of privacy.
It is therefore good not to dwell only on the purchase and installation of our furnishing element but also to decorate it and personalize it according to our tastes.

Awnings and umbrellas

The umbrella is a versatile cover that can be used in different parts of our garden, depending on the time or season in which we use it: it can be useful in a small garden where a gazebo could occupy too much space and does not need of particular maintenance care because it is exposed only at the time of use and in winter is stored away. A different solution can be to install an external awning with a support for a perimeter wall of the house and that creates a variable shaded area according to our needs.
This tent can also rest on a fixed metal structure and be wound with a sliding procedure on manual guides or motorized according to the preferences of the buyer.

Garden covers: car covers

The garden covers essentially serve our well-being but can also be useful to protect our assets such as our cars. For those who do not have a garage and have an external area of ​​medium or large size, it is possible to install fixed structures where to park cars that will be so perfectly protected from any atmospheric agent. Also here the materials of realization can be different according to the materials used in the rest of the garden, so as to have an elegant stylistic continuity. The fundamental rule is that this structure is impermeable to water, that it is absolutely solid and sufficiently spacious to facilitate internal parking maneuvers. The dimensions of these coverings obviously vary based on the number of vehicles to be parked and their model, so it is advisable to go to an authorized dealer and have a suitable structure designed for them.
These areas are initially conceived as parking areas but can also find alternative functional aspects, such as a temporary shelter for agricultural tools or for depositing materials for which we have not yet found accommodation.
Obviously there are also customized solutions that allow you to create unique and sought-after projects but which also cause the base prices to rise a lot.
The garden covers are therefore multifunctional and allow you to create a fascinating and original garden, not only because of the aesthetic impact of BMA, but also because they offer the possibility of living outside for almost all seasons of the year, giving us pleasant relaxation areas, stable shelter areas and great added value to our property.