Colorado beetles swooped down on potatoes. Methods of dealing with the Colorado potato beetle

Colorado beetles swooped down on potatoes. Methods of dealing with the Colorado potato beetle

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With the beginning of spring, summer residents begin a period of intensive work. And first of all, gardeners have a "headache" - insect pests and the fight against them.

There are a large number of different insects on the planet, whose "task" is to bring harm to humans.

One of the widespread and most disliked types of pests is the Colorado potato beetle. It is thanks to their efforts that the site of any gardener is devastated.

The Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa ​​decemlineata) is perhaps the most active insect species that eats potato leaves and more.

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Where did the Colorado potato beetle come from?

Let's consider a person's encounter with this pest. The history of the Colorado potato beetle dates back to its appearance in potato fields in the middle of the 19th century in the eastern United States.

In 1859, Colorado saw crop damage from these pests for the first time. It was from that place that the long journey of the "Colorado potato beetle" to other countries of the world began.

Europe intensively cultivated potatoes and the emergence of harmful insects such as the Colorado potato beetle was just a matter of time. The beetle first appeared in our open spaces in 1949.

After its appearance, scientists were surprised to learn that Colorado beetles spread by water, and not just by air.

But let's dwell on the conquest of a new continent by the pest and see what kind of pest beetle this is. The length of the Colorado potato beetle ranges from 9 to 12mm, it reaches 6-7mm in width and has a strongly convex body. A short oval beetle has a reddish-yellow color, there are black stripes (5 each) above each elytra. Colorado beetles can easily fly, as they have webbed wings.

The way of life of the Colorado potato beetle has been devoted to many years of fruitful study. After a long hibernation in the spring, they begin to go out and immediately "choose a house for themselves" on the shoots of potatoes, where they mate. Each hearth belongs to only one female. An interesting fact is that the beetle can generate on irrigated land

Central Asia up to 4 times! And in our country it develops in just one generation. The Colorado potato beetle lives on average one year, but there are exceptions and its lifespan varies up to 2-3 years.

An interesting feature of the pest beetle is the variety of its forms of dormancy. While ordinary insects have only one form, the Colorado potato beetle has six of them:

  • winter diapause;
  • winter oligopause;
  • summer sleep;
  • long summer diapause;
  • repeated diapause;
  • superpause (long-term diapause).

There is no point in describing each of the diapauses, because it already becomes clear that such plasticity of the beetle allows it to overcome various adversities in life.

But the farmer suffers from this in the first place, because the fight against the pest becomes extremely difficult.

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What does the pest beetle eat?

Colorado beetles are pests of plants in the nightshade family. Their favorite dish is known to be potatoes. Only his taste preferences do not end there, and he happily eats other decorative, medicinal or weedy nightshades: belladonna, prickly and bittersweet nightshade and even dope with bleached, they do not disdain!

Beetles are so skillful in finding new food that already some of them switch to tomatoes, even in some places they switch to thistle, cabbage, mustard ...

The beetle eats plants unusual for its diet, not because it is excessively hungry, but only because it needs moisture. They do not even eat the leaves completely, they just gnaw at the edges.

For a century and a half, the Colorado potato beetle prefers nightshades, which promises not an early addiction to other cultures.

Despite the fact that other crops are not affected by insects, it does not interfere with carefully processing concentrated breeding areas of beetles.

How to defeat the Colorado potato beetle?

The beetle, in addition to having the ability to physically survive for a long time, is able to withstand long starvation. Thus, presenting the struggle for farmers.

However, experienced gardeners use a wide range of pest control agents, for example, plant infusions or water decoctions. They tend to scare away or kill insects.

It is practically impossible to defeat the Colorado potato beetle with a separate trick. According to experts, it is necessary to apply a set of measures.

If the number of beetles is not critically large, then it will be enough to collect them by hand, not forgetting to remove their larvae. Food baits are also good for catching these pests.

In addition to folk methods for getting rid of vegetation from the Colorado potato beetle, it is necessary to remember about the correct crop rotation, digging the soil in spring and autumn. It is also necessary to remove the tops on time so that the beetles do not have a place to spend the winter. Amateur gardeners often plant garlic, beans, calendula, beans near potatoes.

But in the midst of the many ways to combat pests, the most necessary and effective is the treatment of plants with chemicals. Experienced farmers and amateur gardeners recommend using Prestige as one of the best means to combat the Colorado potato beetle.

"Prestige" is used not only to fight the beetle, but also to protect plants from diseases. You need to know that they can only process potatoes that will be harvested in August. Only then will the poison have time to be neutralized, because 60 days will be enough for the complete elimination of the chemistry.

That is why it is recommended to plant potatoes in the second half of April in order to start using Prestige with confidence.

The drug has an anti-stress effect, which makes the plant more resistant to abiotic and biotic environmental influences. The constituent component imidacloprid (140g / l) has a contact and systemic effect.

The advantages of Prestige are great, they are:

  • high manufacturability of processing;
  • anti-stress effect;
  • improving the quality of the products themselves;
  • underestimated toxicity and others.

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How harmful is the Colorado potato beetle?

Several factors can determine the harmfulness of the Colorado potato beetle. One of these is the preference of the beetle and larvae of one or more plants, more often potatoes.

The fertility of these oligophages (a species that reaches for a specific food item) is extremely high. One female of this species can lay about 700 eggs (there is, however, a unique recorded figure - 3382 eggs!). By the end of the season, there may be up to 30 million pests.

Due to the insanely fast multiplication of the Colorado potato beetle, the matter can affect the entire crop and it will die if you do not start a fight against the beetle in a timely manner.

The Colorado potato beetle is a fairly dangerous pest that harms plants of the nightshade family, and not just potatoes. Beetle larvae and adults eat leaves and bush of young seedlings completely.

Summing up, we can safely say that the Colorado potato beetle is the main pest of potatoes! For those who are not lazy and grow it on the site, the beetle is an eternal problem.

And if we take statistics, then there are a lot of people who know what a "summer cottage" is!

Remember that it is better to process the plants on time in order to avoid damage to your crops!

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