Storage conditions for leeks after harvesting until spring

Storage conditions for leeks after harvesting until spring

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Leeks can be called one of the most valuable vegetable crops... It has a high content of vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, E, PP and provitamin A.

It perfectly retains its properties for a long time. During storage, ascorbic acid accumulates in leeks.

With the constant use of leek in food, immunity increases to colds.

It has antineoplastic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties. The work of the gallbladder and intestines also improves. And he just indispensable in the kitchen... It is included in recipes for cooking first, second courses and even baked goods. How to store leeks for the winter?

In our articles, we have already talked about how to store onions in storage and at home, as well as saving green onions and how to store sets before spring planting. Now let's look at ways to store leeks for the winter.

Basic Rules

How to store leeks? Leek can be stored for a long time. Adhering to some rules, you can eat all winter fresh onion.

How to prepare leeks for storage? It is easy enough to carry frosts down to -7 degrees... But still, the harvest should be done before the onset of frost. The first step is to dig it up and shake the earth from the root system. You must try to the earth did not fall between the leaves... With these simple steps, the harvesting of onions begins before storing them for the winter.

Be sure to dry the vegetable and cut off the roots. When trimming the roots, be careful not to do not damage the bottom... It is best to leave 1/3 of the root, in this state, the shelf life will increase.

There is a lot of controversy about is it worth pruning the leaves? The unequivocal answer is no.

With the leaves cut off, the vegetable will quickly fade and may be subject to various diseases.

How to store leeks? You need to start by going through the already dried heads. Suitable for further preservation only strong bulbs... They must be level and free from visible damage.

Only one type of onion can be stored in one container.

Fresh onions keep well in the sand. To do this, the bottom of the box is filled with sand layer 5-7 cm, then the bow is set in an upright position. Cover the distance between the clues with wet sand. Using this method, the vegetable will be stored for about 6 monthswithout losing their qualities.

For safety, are used and plastic bags.

Where to store leeks? Storing onions in the cellar (basement) is possible only in boxes with sand. It is desirable in advance disinfect... For this, the sand is calcined in the oven. You can disinfect in the yard. A fire is kindled and an iron container filled with sand is placed on it. During the time while the fire is burning, the sand will be calcined. The boxes, already prepared, are lowered into the cellar.

In the absence of a cellar or general premises, it is possible to store onions at home (apartment), for example, on a balcony or in a pantry.

When storing onions on the balcony, additionally cover the box with something warm. An old warm blanket is suitable for this.

In the fridge onions are also well preserved. To do this, wash it first, cut off the roots and excess leaves. After the vegetable dries well, pack it in a plastic bag and put it in a special compartment in the refrigerator.

You can chop the washed and dried onions, pack them in bags and fold. in the freezer... When shredded and frozen, it will take up little space.

At what temperature should leeks be stored? In the cellar, leeks are stored at a temperature from 0 to +4 degrees... On the balcony, it can withstand frosts down to -7 degrees. This is provided that the box was additionally wrapped with something warm, such as a blanket. In the refrigerator, the temperature should not be lower than +5.

Tips for growing and storing leeks in the basement, as well as right in the garden in winter, in this video:

Optimal conditions

How are leeks stored? What are the storage conditions? When stored in a cellar or basement, air humidity should not exceed 80-85%.

In the refrigerator, moisture is retained in the bag due to its properties. Polyethylene does not allow air to pass through, does not allow the vegetable to dry.

Subject to the temperature and humidity conditions, leeks will be preserved 6-7 months... In the freezer, the shelf life is increased by 2-3 times.

How to store leeks after harvesting? The only condition for proper storage of leeks after harvesting should be dry and bright room... If weather conditions permit, it is advisable to leave it outside and dry it. This is best done on a carapace mesh. So the air will circulate and dry the vegetable evenly from all sides.

The ways

How to store leeks for the winter? In addition to the considered methods (in the cellar, refrigerator, on the balcony), you can consider other, more unusual ones.

Very interesting and unusual taste pickled onions... You need to take the white part of the stem, cut it and put it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, after slightly salting it. Then put it in jars as tightly as possible and pour marinade... For the marinade, take:

  • water - 1 l;
  • salt - 50g;
  • sugar - 100g;
  • vinegar - 100 ml.

The marinade should boil for 2 minutes. After rolling, the banks must be wrapped for 10-12 hours.

You can learn how to save leeks for the winter from the video:

How to keep leeks until spring? To preserve the maximum amount of nutrients, onion drying is used. You can use an oven or electric dryer. The most suitable temperature for this +50 degrees... Such onions cannot be stored in an airtight container.

Freezing the onion will increase the shelf life.

You can save the bow in cling film... But it retains its beneficial properties for 1-2 weeks.

At a constant temperature of +2 degrees, the period can be increased to 3-4 weeks. Before packing the onion in cling film, it must first be chill.

Observing temperature and storage conditions, during all winter and even spring months, you can enjoy the freshness of the vegetable.

At any time, it can be used in soups, meat dishes, or baked onion pie. And also in the most severe winter weather to avoid colds.

Watch the video: HGV Grow Leeks. The secret of how to grow twelve inch long leeks in a ten inch deep bucket (February 2023).