Kombat for bedbugs: easy-to-use and affordable products

Kombat for bedbugs: easy-to-use and affordable products

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We live in a civilized society and use high technologies. However, people could not get rid of annoying insects that crawl into houses without demand and settle in them for a long time.

Among such pests, domestic bugs occupy one of the first places of honor along with cockroaches and ants.

Unpleasant neighbors multiply quickly and cause a lot of problems.

They live in beds and sofas, bite residents at night and suck their blood.

Combat from bedbugs

Naturally, one wants to get rid of such a neighborhood as soon as possible. For this, a lot of insecticides have been created, among which there are funds for bedbugs of the series Combat... These drugs quickly and quite effectively destroy harmful parasites, eliminating the entire problem.

Release form

Used against bed bugs aerosol products.

  • Superspray - combined insecticide. Contains synthetic pyrethroids cyventorin and imiprotrin. Thanks to these components, it acts quickly, destroying most of the insects in the colony. It settles on the surface, continuing to work for several days.
  • Super spray plus (S.s. plus) - modification of the previous aerosol. In addition to harmful insects, it also destroys pathogenic microorganisms, disinfecting the treated areas.
  • Multispray - a universal insecticide that eliminates not only crawling, but also flying insects. It has a complex composition of several active substances. Can be used against ants, moths, cockroaches, spiders, kozheedov, bedbugs, ticks, flea beetles.

Pros of the series

Aerosols can be used immediately, they do not need to be pre-prepared, for example, diluted with water as concentrates.

  • The multispray has a wide range of effects, destroying all household pests.
  • Super spray and its modification have a narrowly targeted effect, more effectively eliminating directly crawling insects.
  • All drugs belong to the 3rd class of danger, they have low toxicity for people and pets.
  • Superspray disinfects treated surfaces, destroying the fungi and bacteria that bed bugs carry and spread.
  • Aerosols Super spray practically do not have an unpleasant odor.
  • Insecticides start to act immediately after bedbugs hit the covers.
  • The vials are equipped with a convenient nozzle, allowing you to process hard-to-reach areas.
  • Products do not stain furniture, walls and fabrics, do not leave greasy and stained spots.
  • Ease of use of drugs allows you to independently destroy insects without calling the special services.

Disadvantages of aerosols

  • The multispray has a strong characteristic odorunpleasant for people.
  • Aerosols are expensive... One bottle of Super spray costs about 250 rubles, Multispray can be purchased for 160-180 rubles.
  • To you will need 2-3 spray cans to process a one-room apartment insecticide.
  • For the complete extermination of a colony of bedbugs you will have to carry out at least 2 treatments.
  • Pyrethroids in sprays do not destroy eggs.
  • With two or three times the use of funds bugs develop resistance to active substances.

Mechanism of action

The substances that make up the preparations are able to penetrate through the dense chitinous cover on the body of bedbugs. They act on the nervous system of bloodsuckers, causing convulsions that turn into paralysis of the limbs. Then the death of pests comes.

Technology of use

Before proceeding with the processing of the premises, they need to prepare.

  1. To do this, the furniture must be moved away from the walls and placed in the middle of the room, giving access to the skirting boards.
  2. Disassemble all sofas and beds to the frame, removing bedding and mattresses.
  3. Remove all things from wardrobes.
  4. TIP! Wash contaminated items using very hot water. They can also be frozen or steamed.

  5. Free the walls from all accessories such as paintings, photographs, carpets.
  6. Remove all inhabitants from the house, turn off the aquarium compressor and close it with a lid.
  7. Protect yourself with a respirator or mask, wear goggles.

This concludes the preparatory stage and processing begins insecticides.

  1. The aerosol bottle is shaken vigorously and sprayed into the bugs' habitats.
  2. Processing is carried out from a distance of 2-3 dm.
  3. Be sure to spray crevices in baseboards, berths, armchairs, back walls of furniture, carpets, mattresses, paintings and any hidden areas.
  4. After completing the procedure, you need to leave the apartment for 15-25 minutes, leaving the insecticides to work.

Conduct The final stage operations.

  1. First of all, thoroughly ventilate all treated rooms.
  2. Then collect the corpses of insects and larvae with a vacuum cleaner and carry out the final cleaning.
  3. To do this, make a soapy solution, add soda to it and wipe all surfaces contaminated with the drug.

About after 8-10 days need to reoperation for removing bed bugs from the house.

IMPORTANT! To guarantee the extermination of insects, the treatment is carried out at once in all rooms of the house.

Kombat aerosols do their job quite well, exterminating bedbugs. However, one should not expect from him a miraculous deliverance from all bloodsuckers from the very first use.

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In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video on how to spray a room with an aerosol:

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