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Hi, I just bought a bonsai olive tree about 30-35 cm tall in a nursery in Imola. I would like to know everything there is to know about how to treat bonsai and if there are guides in the library. Thanks in advance


Dear Davide,
treating bonsai is a real art, which needs a good deal of time and dedication on the part of those who approach it; in the library you can find a high number of manuals on the subject, I suggest you start looking for one on pruning and one on repotting; because to maintain the bonsai it is necessary to practice a series of precise and specific cures. If in the meantime you want some practical advice, consider that your olive tree is in a small vase, so in winter keep it in a sunny and sheltered place, outdoors, and if in the area where you live it should freeze, cover the vase with some non-woven fabric, to avoid freezing. The soil should always be kept a little damp, because your bonsai is evergreen, and it will not love that all the earth around its roots becomes completely dry.