Death to the barbel! Cockroach Foresight: Traps, Gel and Liquid

Death to the barbel! Cockroach Foresight: Traps, Gel and Liquid

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If it is necessary to destroy cockroaches indoors, an important role is played personal safety, as well as the rate of destruction of pests.

Forsyth cockroach remedy is in demand among buyers already for ten years, it can also fight ticks and bedbugs.

Cockroaches are most often localized in kitchens, next to water pipes and trash cans, insects are dangerous to humans, as they are carriers dangerous diseases can lead to a short circuit in the electrical wiring.


Forsyth from cockroaches has three main forms of release: insecticidal liquid, gel, traps.


Liquid foresight is a concentrated, transparent, golden-colored liquid that is used for the preparation of the emulsion. The active ingredient is fenthion insecticide and special additives.

Before using the drug, you must dilute in water, The ready-made emulsion is used to spray areas with the highest concentration of insects. When dry, the drug crystallizes, due to the additives (fragrance, antioxidant, stabilizer), the drug gets the properties of a repellent and acquires deterrent properties.

Foresight is widely used for disinsection of residential and industrial premises. The cost of a 50 ml bottle is 250 rubles.


  • versatility of application;
  • high efficiency.


  • the need to use protective equipment and clothing;
  • toxicity.


As for the drug Forsyth for cockroaches, it is recommended to set traps in situations where it is impossible to use powerful insecticides or aerosols for some reason. The trap is a cardboard box in the form of a house, on the surface of which a sticky composition is applied.

Pests go to smell baits, penetrate the trap through special holes, stick to the cardboard and cannot be released. The duration of the action is three months.


  • health safety;
  • absence of harmful components and toxins in the composition.


  • unpleasant appearance;
  • no effect on the larvae, as a result of which such traps have to be bought constantly.


The gel is sold in a 30 g syringe, the main active ingredient is Permethrin 20%, the drug is recommended to be used in accordance with the instructions. The tool is effective also against ants, can be used in medical and childcare facilities. Cockroaches die already for 1-2 days, residual effects persist for up to two months, the cost is 50-80 rubles.


  • lack of unpleasant odor;
  • safety for humans;
  • versatility;
  • affordable cost.


  • not the most convenient way to use.

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Foresight from cockroaches: instructions


It is recommended to spray the solution in places where insects accumulate and on their paths, it is recommended to blow the drug into all remote places and crevices where pests can hide.

Must be carefully finished skirting boards, places of connection of water supply, sewer and heating pipes.

Disinsection must be carried out throughout the apartment or a residential building, this will avoid the reappearance of insects. With a large number of cockroaches, it is recommended to re-process after three to four weeks.


Before processing the premises, be sure to cleaning is in progress premises, it is necessary to get rid of food waste, crumbs, food debris.

All containers with water and water taps should be tightly closed cockroaches need to block access to moisture.

The gel is applied dotted line or drops of 5-10 drops. per meter, with a small number of cockroaches, it is recommended to reduce the concentration to 5 drops per meter.


When choosing places for traps, it is recommended to give preference to places where cockroaches congregate. The duration of the Forsyth cockroach trap is three months.

Health hazard

The greatest danger is posed by insecticidal liquid, which belongs to third class of toxicity. Foresight is dangerous not only for humans, but also for pets. After contact with the skin, the affected area turns red, irritated, and contact with the eyes may cause loss of vision.

When working with insecticide, it is recommended wear safety glasses like glasses for the pool, only larger.

Concentrate vapors belong to the second and third class of hazardous substances. Couples can provoke fainting, poisoning and allergic reactions. The drug has toxic properties when it enters the stomach, therefore it is classified as a third hazard class.

Poisoning with an insecticide can be very strong, therefore, during the treatment it is recommended to wear protective clothing, use personal protective equipment. Means not recommended for use without gloves, respirator and other protective equipment.

The procedure must be carried out as quickly as possible, the room after it must be left and ventilated for twelve hours. It is recommended to spray the insecticide using a conventional spray bottle, which is washed with hot water and soapy water, which allows you to completely deactivate the remnants of the insecticide. After drying, the drug is not dangerous.

Traps and gel are safer for health.


Foresight comes in the form of a solution, gel, and traps.

The most widespread is an insecticidal solution, which must be dissolved in water before use.

Gel and traps are less expensive and there is no need to use protective equipment when using them. The composition of different forms is slightly different, the most safe are gel and traps.

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