Do not forget to equip your dog when going for a walk! Flea and tick collars for kiltix dogs

Do not forget to equip your dog when going for a walk! Flea and tick collars for kiltix dogs

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Every caring owner always fears for the health of his pet and strives by all means to save him from illness and any discomfort.

Such discomfort is created, among other things, by blood-sucking parasites: ticks and fleas.

A sure way to get rid of them for a long time is a special collar "Kiltix».


A reliable remedy for parasites produced by a well-known manufacturer of veterinary drugs - the German company "Bayer"(What other flea remedies are there for dogs?). It quickly and easily solves the problem of animal safety. This effective antiparasitic and insectoacaricidal device is an excellent alternative to drops and sprays.

The latter's actions are enough for only a month. The collar has a longer validity period, which allows the owner to forget for a long time about the antiparasitic treatment of his pet (how to properly remove fleas from a dog at home?). It is purchased for a whole season, after which you do not have to worry: the animal will be protected from insects for a period from April to October (it is during this period that blood-sucking insects become especially active).

Features of the drug

«Kiltix»Is a soft polyvinyl tape with the trademark of its manufacturer, impregnated with active substances. For example:in 10 gr. tape contains 0.225 g of flumethrin plus 1 g of propoxur.

In order for the collar to retain its properties better, it is sold in a plastic bag, which, in turn, is placed in a neat cardboard box. The components in the product are able to prevent the attack of ectoparasites with the help of their destructive effect.

For reference... The propoxur contained in the product causes the accumulation of neurohormones in blood-sucking pests. This substance acts as a contact toxic chemical, acting on their nerve endings.

Flumethrin is a substance of rather high acaricidal activity. It belongs to the pyrethroid group. The latter come into contact with nerve cells, depolarizing their tubules. This causes the death of the pests.

Nevertheless, both substances, both propoxur and flumethrin, are moderately toxic components: they are safe for living beings and do not have any irritating, especially allergic effect on them. Their safety is confirmed not only by experienced veterinarians, but also by positive reviews about the product from our smaller brothers' owners.

Attention! Sometimes, after putting on this device, pets may experience itching. This should not cause anxiety or concern in their owner. The dog must adapt to wearing the product. And the itching will go away very quickly and without any consequences.


  1. Open the packaging, unfold the product... From the inside, remove the plastic jumpers.
  2. Place the tape on the animal and adjust it to fit.
  3. Important! There should be no more than one and a half centimeters between the strap and the neck.

  4. Pass free tip through all loops, cut off excess.

If a "Kiltix»Use around the clock, it will protect your pet from ticks and fleas, as well as other blood-sucking parasites at least seven months... Chemical substances are gradually released from the surface of the product, transferring their effect to the skin.

Terms of use

In order for the dog to be maximally protected from parasites, "Kiltix" should be used subject to several rules:

  1. The collar should be worn around the animal's neck at all times.
  2. If you intend to walk to a place where a large concentration of blood-sucking pests is expected, spray the dog's paws with a special insecticidal spray..
  3. "Kiltix" must be put on the pet one day before going out to the park or forest, where there is a possibility of a tick attack. If ticks get on an animal with a collar already on, don't let the owner worry. They will disappear in two or three days by themselves.
  4. If skin irritation occurs when putting on the product, remove the tape for a while and purchase another anti-parasite remedy..
  5. In the case when there are wounds or abrasions on the hands of the owner of the animal, it is best to wear the product with gloves. Then hands should be rinsed well with water..

Contraindications for use

  1. The product can only be used if the dog does not suffer from any diseases.
  2. It should not be worn on puppies if they are under two months old, on pets with infectious diseases, on convalescent animals, nursing or pregnant females (what are the flea remedies for puppies?).
  3. The drug is versatile and well tolerated by dogs. It does not spoil their coat, does not irritate the skin.

Attention! If the body is too sensitive to the active substances of the tape, the device should be removed immediately after the first signs of irritation appear on the skin.

Product price

If we talk about the cost of the tape, then it depends on the length of the latter:

  • 66 cm on average is estimated at 470 rubles;
  • 48 cm about 430 rubles;
  • 35 cm about 400 rubles.

In online storesselling veterinary drugs, it can be purchased a little cheaper.

Useful Tips

  1. "Kiltix" for cats and dogs of different breeds has good moisture resistance. But, if the product is in water for a long time, the effectiveness of this tool, according to the supervision of specialists, temporarily decreases.
  2. For guaranteed protection of the dog from parasites, it is best to use a spray with the collar.
  3. If the infection with ectoparasites is quite strong, it is best to bathe the dog or cat with a special insecticidal shampoo before putting on Kiltix.
  4. To prevent the re-emergence of blood-sucking insects, spray the animal's bedding, paths and other objects with which it often comes into contact with an insecticidal aerosol. After processing, clean them and vacuum them.

Product advantages:

  1. The active substances included in the yellow medicinal tape, working in combination, are able to enhance the effect of each other... This is much more effective than the action of each component separately.
  2. Propoxur with flumethrin is constantly released when the device is worn.
  3. "Kiltix" is dangerous for blood-sucking parasites that enter the animal from the external environment... It provides reliable protection not only against ticks, lice and fleas, but also against mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects.
  4. Protective tape effective for 7 months... For small animals, this period is six months.


There are practically no drawbacks to the protective tapebut some pet owners point out its unpleasant smell. It is not too felt in the open air, but it is noticeable in the room. In addition, when completely safe for cats and dogs, it has a detrimental effect on bees and fish. If the collar has expired, it is thrown into the trash along with the packaging.

«Kiltix”Has long been appreciated by veterinarians and pet lovers. The agent against ectoparasites is notable for its affordable price and for a long time relieves the pet from insect pests, without giving him the slightest discomfort.

Unfortunately, no dog owner is immune to fleas from his beloved pet. Read our articles on how the Bars line and collars work.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video about a flea and tick collar for kiltix dogs:

Watch the video: SERESTO FLEA AND TICK DOG COLLAR DANGER! (October 2022).