A successful fruit of folk selection - "Sonny" potatoes: a description of the variety and a photo

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"Sonny" is a delicious and beautiful late-ripening potato. It is distinguished by good yield and unpretentiousness to care, the harvested root crops are well stored, suitable for sale or culinary experiments.

Find out all the secrets of the "Sonny" potato variety - photos and descriptions of the fruits and bushes of the plant, the main characteristics. As well as the tendency to attack by pests and the possibility of being affected by the main diseases of the nightshade.

Potatoes "Sonny": variety description, photo

Variety nameSon
general characteristicstable mid-season high-yielding potato variety
Ripening period120-140 days
Starch content13-14
Mass of marketable tubers75-85 gr
The number of tubers in the bush15-40
Yield10 kg per bush
Consumer qualitiesGood to excellent taste, potatoes are versatile
Keeping quality92-95%
Peel colorcream
Pulp colorwhite
Preferred growing regionsany
Disease resistancesufficiently resistant to diseases: potato crayfish, common scab, golden cyst nematode
Growing featuresTo increase yields, it is recommended to increase the nutritional value of the soil and control watering
Originatorvariety of folk selection

The main characteristics of the "Sonok" potato variety are:

  • medium-sized tubers, weighing from 75 to 85 g;
  • round-flat shape;
  • neat tubers, aligned in weight and size;
  • the peel is pinkish-creamy, monochromatic, thin, reticulate;
  • the eyes are superficial, medium-sized, inconspicuous, concentrated at the top of the tuber;
  • the flesh on the cut is white;
  • the starch content is average, ranging from 13.4 to 14%;
  • potatoes are rich in protein, fiber, amino acids.

The "Sonny" potato variety is a medium-late potato variety. From emergence to ripening of tubers passes from 120 to 140 days... Potatoes are very economical: the seed material does not require frequent renewal, and for planting, not whole tubers are needed, but their parts with eyes.

Bushes of the "Sonny" potato variety are described as low, compact, erect or semi-erect. The branches are moderately spreading, the formation of green mass is average. On fertile soils, the bushes are larger.

Leaves are medium in size, simple, dark green, with slightly wavy edges. Corollas are compact, collected from large, white, rapidly falling flowers. Low berry formation. The root system is well developed, 15 to 40 selected potatoes are formed under each bush... The amount of unmarketable trifles or defective ugly tubers is minimal. The yield depends on the climatic zone and the nutrient content of the soil. Each bush brings up to 10 kg of selected potatoes. The earlier the tubers are planted, the greater the potential yield.

And in the table below you can see what the yield and the percentage of marketability of tubers in other potato varieties are:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Marketability of tubers (%)

Variety sufficiently resistant to disease: potato crayfish, common scab, golden cyst nematode. Resistance to late blight of leaves and tubers is average.

Planting care is simple. Potatoes does not need watering and hilling, it is also not necessary to remove weeds... Several mineral dressings are recommended, which have a positive effect on the yield. Before harvesting, you need to cut off all the tops. Seed material does not degenerate, it can be harvested from year to year. Damaged potatoes keep well and do not need to be discarded.

Taste good or excellent... Late ripening allows the accumulation of a large amount of valuable nutrients and vitamins. The low starch content does not allow the potatoes to boil, they do not darken when cut, keeping their even shape and beautiful white color.

The amount of starch in potato tubers of other varieties:

Variety nameStarch
Lady Claire12-16%
Innovatorup to 15%
Zhukovsky early10-12%

Root vegetables are versatile, they can be boiled, fried, baked or stuffed. Crisp puree or crispy fries are possible.


"Sonny" - variety of folk selectionthat has not passed official agrotechnical tests and is not registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation. However, potatoes are widely used by farmers and amateur gardeners in Russia and neighboring countries.

Cultivation possible in different climatic zones... Tubers are resistant to weather extremes, tolerate short-term cold snap, heat, excess or lack of moisture.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main features of the variety include:

  • excellent taste of tubers;
  • high productivity;
  • versatility of root crops;
  • resistance to heat, cold snap, drought;
  • unpretentious care;
  • resistance of tubers to mechanical damage;
  • good keeping quality;
  • seed material does not degenerate;
  • resistance to major diseases.

There were no drawbacks in the variety. To increase yields it is recommended to increase the nutritional value of the soil and control watering.

Growing features

Potatoes variety "Sonok" it is recommended to plant with eyes... The tubers are pre-pickled, germinated and cut into segments with a disinfected knife.

Preferably planting in a square-nested way, distance between bushes about 70 cm... The depth is moderate, from 10 to 18 cm. Humus or wood ash can be decomposed into the holes.

Potatoes better to plant in April or early Maywhen the soil is moist enough. In cold spring regions, later planting is possible, but the size of the tubers in this case may decrease.

To increase yields, it is recommended 2-3 single feeding complete mineral complex. In the middle lane, it is not necessary to water the plantings; in dry summers, a single watering is recommended.

The peculiarity of the variety is that it is undemanding to weeding and hilling. Read more about how potatoes are grown without weeding and hilling and how this affects the yield. And also about how to properly huddle plants and whether it is necessary to huddle, how to do it, what is the difference between manual and using a walk-behind tractor.

Some gardeners are sure that hilling bushes is contraindicated, sprawling bushes prevent weeds from developing.

If desired, the soil can be mulch with cut grass, this will keep the moisture level normal and reduce the likelihood of disease.

Seed material can be collected on your own, marking the most promising bushes in advance. Potatoes not prone to degeneration, has good immunity.

Tubers must be thoroughly dried before storing them. Root crops damaged during digging do not need to be rejected, they are perfectly stored.

Diseases and pests

Variety is enough resistant to major diseases of nightshade: potato crayfish, golden cyst nematode, common scab, fusarium and verticillary wilting, alternaria, black leg.

Not susceptible to viruses, rarely suffers from bacterial infections. Due to late ripening possible damage by late blight of tubers or leaves... For prophylaxis, seed material is necessarily pickled plantings are sprayed with medicinal preparations. Affected tops are cut off and burned in a timely manner.

As for the attack of insect pests, the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, wireworms, bears, potato moths, aphids are most often dangerous for planting.

In our articles you will find a lot of useful information on how to deal with them effectively:

  1. Fighting the Colorado potato beetle using poison and folk methods.
  2. How to get rid of a wireworm in your garden.
  3. What will help protect root crops from the bear: folk remedies and chemistry.
  4. Fighting the potato moth: part 1 and part 2.

Sonny "- promising variety of folk selectionpopular with farmers and gardeners. It is suitable for everyone who prefers high-quality tasty potatoes and bountiful harvests that do not require special agricultural technology. The tubers are marketable, but more often they are grown for personal consumption.

We bring to your attention a series of articles on different methods of growing potatoes: Dutch technologies and the subtleties of planting early varieties, as well as methods under straw, in barrels, in bags, in boxes.

Video about growing potatoes from eyes (this is the recommended method of planting the "Sonny" variety):

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