How to grow a multipurpose potato "Felox": characteristics of the variety, description and photo

How to grow a multipurpose potato

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The Felox potato variety has high productive qualities and, as a result, multipurpose use.

Distributed throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Susceptible to wireworm. It perfectly tolerates hot weather, sudden temperature changes.

In this article, we will tell you in detail everything about the Felox potato variety, its features and characteristics.


The Felox subspecies was bred by German breeders. The originator is Saka Palanzenzucht.

In Russia, the distribution of the subspecies is carried out by the Oktyabrskoye enterprise and the Sedek farm.

To date, the variety has become widespread throughout the world..

It is grown in Germany, Austria, Holland, India, China. Also actively grows in Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, RF.

In Russia, potato bushes of this variety can be found in almost all regions. The subspecies grows well in all weather conditions. It tolerates drought, sudden changes in temperature.

Important! This variety is recommended for early planting and early harvest.

Felox potatoes characteristic of the variety

Variety nameFelox
general characteristicshigh-yielding variety of German selection
Ripening period60-70 days
Starch content16-17%
Mass of marketable tubers100-120 gr
The number of tubers in the bush19-25 pieces
Yield550-600 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesexcellent taste, suitable for preparing any dishes
Keeping quality90%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp colorlight yellow
Preferred growing regionsNorth, North-West, Volgo-Vyatsky, Srednevolzhsky
Disease resistanceresistant to the causative agent of potato cancer, golden cyst nematode, moderately resistant to late blight
Growing featuresadapts to all types of soil
OriginatorSaka Palanzenzucht (Germany)

Shrubs of the variety are erect, leafy. The leaves are large or medium. They have a dark emerald hue. The edges of the leaves are slightly serrated.

The surface of the leaves is glossy. The corolla is large. Has a burgundy lilac color. The anthocyanin shade of the bud is very weak. The tuber is elongated, has a rounded shape at the edges.

The mass varies between 100-120 gr. The largest specimens weigh 200 grams. The rind has a delicate amber hue. The pulp is light, snow-white-amber. The starch content reaches 16-17%.

You can compare the indicators of tuber mass and starch content with other varieties using the table below:

Variety nameStarch content (%)Tuber mass (gr)

Important! Experienced gardeners recommend sprinkling the tubers with copper sulfate before planting. With the help of growth stimulants, the bushes grow the most lush, and the formation of tubers occurs at a rapid pace.

Potatoes are well stored, the main thing is to remember the necessary conditions and terms. We have prepared for you detailed information on storing potatoes in boxes, in the winter, in the refrigerator and peeled.

A photo

The photo shows the Felox potato variety:


Felox is an early maturing variety. 65-70 days pass from planting to technical ripeness. Harvesting ends at the end of August. The yield of the variety is very high.

250 quintals of potatoes are harvested from 1 hectare. The maximum yield is 600 centners. One bush forms 19-25 tubers. The fruits are resistant to damage. In cool vegetable stores, they lie for about six months.

In the table below you can see what the yield is and how many tubers are in the bush for other potato varieties:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Number of tubers in a bush (pcs)
Palmup to 4505-9
Blue Danube350-4008-12
Lileyaup to 6708-15
Colombo220-420up to 12
Santaup to 570up to 20

Have excellent commercial qualities... Marketability reaches 98%. The variety is in great demand. Sold in markets and shops. Potatoes variety Felox can transport long distances.


The subspecies has a table purpose. Root vegetables taste great. Do not darken when cut. The variety has multiple uses. It is used in home cooking.

Used to prepare first and second courses. Suitable for making homemade chips in the microwave. It goes well with meat, seafood and vegetables.


The agricultural technology of this variety is standard. Planting is carried out in early May.... It is recommended to plant tubers after perennial grasses, peas, beans, corn, beans. Recommended planting pattern: 30x65 cm.Depth should not exceed 8 cm.

If you plant the Felox seed potatoes too deep, they can rot in the ground. Before planting, the soil is thoroughly watered.

The earth must be slightly acidic. Sandy soil, loamy, soddy is suitable. But it is best to use black soil.

Before boarding, you must check for defects or infestation... It is not recommended to plant defective tubers. The optimum weight of the planting material should be 60-80 grams.

Important! This subspecies grows best in soft, loose soil. In stony soil during the growing season, the growth of bushes can be greatly slowed down. In this case, the tubers are strongly deformed.

There are many ways to grow potatoes. On our website you can get acquainted with Dutch technologies, as well as with methods of growing potatoes in bags, in barrels, under straw.

Diseases and pests

The subspecies is highly resistant to cancer, golden cyst nematode (Ro1.4). Medium resistant to late blight of tubers and leaves.

Often, nightshades and potatoes, including, are threatened by diseases such as Alternaria, Fusarium, Verticillosis, and scab. Read more about them in the articles on our site.

Susceptible to wireworm attacks.

Also among the pests, click beetles are noted. They have an elongated body, settle on the stems and leaves of the plant. They cause irreparable damage to agricultural land.

Insecticides are used as a prophylaxis. You can use granular products, which are applied once. The Prestige product is perfect.

Felox potatoes are an early ripening variety. Has a dining purpose. Can be transported over long distances.

Resistant to mechanical damage. Possesses remarkable commercial qualities. Grows well in all weather conditions. Loves slightly acidic soil, systematic watering, fertilization. Read about when and how to apply fertilizers, how to do it correctly when planting, in the detailed materials of our website. And mulching will help in the fight against weeds.

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