The record holder in your beds is the "Raspberry Onslaught" tomato: description of the variety, photo

The record holder in your beds is the

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At the beginning of the season, summer residents have an urgent question, what to plant this year, what seedlings to use in the beds and in the greenhouse?

We can recommend an excellent hybrid that has both good appearance and good health, it has a wonderful juicy fruit taste, and farmers like it for its high commercial qualities and unpretentious cultivation.

This tomato has the intricate name "Raspberry Onslaught".

Tomato Raspberry Onslaught: variety description

Variety nameRaspberry Onslaught
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate hybrid
Ripening period90-100 days
The formFlattened-rounded with slight ribbing
Average weight of tomatoes400-700 grams
Variety yield30-40 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresTying required
Disease resistanceProne to summit rot

Tomato Raspberry Onslaught is a plant of large growth, in a spacious greenhouse it can reach a height of 130 cm.

Refers to mid-season hybrids, that is, after planting seedlings in the ground and before the first ripe harvest appears, it will take 90-100 days. The bush is standard, indeterminate.

It grows well both in large spacious greenhouses and in the open field.

However, it is preferable to grow under a film, as the plant is high and strong wind can break branches with fruits.

This hybrid variety has good resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes..


Ripe fruits are raspberry or red in color, round in shape, slightly flattened with slight ribbing. The taste is excellent, the taste is sweet and sour, pleasant.

The dry matter content is 4-6%, the number of chambers is 6-8. The fruits are quite large, can reach 400-700 grams... The harvested crop can be stored for a long time.

Variety nameFruit weight
Raspberry Onslaught400-700 grams
Riddle75-110 grams
Big Mama200-400 grams
Banana feet60-110 grams
Petrusha the gardener180-200 grams
Honey saved200-600 grams
King of beauty280-320 grams
Pudovik700-800 grams
Persimmon350-400 grams
Nikola80-200 grams
Right size300-800

"Raspberry Onslaught" was developed in Russia by L. Myazina, the author of many hybrids, as a result of many years of work. It was registered as a hybrid variety in 2009. After that, he earned respect and popularity among gardeners for his qualities.

If you grow the "Raspberry Onslaught" in the open sun, then only the southern regions are suitable for this, since the plant is thermophilic and demanding for light.

Most suitable are the Astrakhan region, Crimea, Belgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Donetsk, the North Caucasus and Krasnodar Territory. In the central regions and in the North, this hybrid must be grown in greenhouses.

This type of tomato can be used in any form... These tomatoes are good for fresh salad in salads, they are also suitable for preparing first courses, lecho, delicious juices and thick pasta. It goes well with other vegetables. Small fruits are perfect for canning.

Tomato "Raspberry Onslaught" has earned popularity for many qualities, including a record yield. With good care and the desired planting density, it is possible to collect up to 30-40 kg per sq. meters.

Variety nameYield
Raspberry Onslaught30-40 kg per square meter
Solerosso F18 kg per square meter
Labrador3 kg per bush
Aurora F113-16 kg per square meter
Leopold3-4 kg per bush
Aphrodite F15-6 kg per bush
Locomotive12-15 kg per square meter
Severenok f13.5-4 kg per bush
Sanka15 kg per square meter
Katyusha17-20 kg per square meter
The miracle of the lazy8 kg per square meter

A photo

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Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of this variety are noted:

  • record productivity;
  • fruits do not crack;
  • big size;
  • good immunity to diseases;
  • wonderful taste and color of tomatoes;
  • amicable ovary and maturation.

Among the shortcomings, it was revealed that this plant is demanding on the irrigation regime and temperature indicators.

Growing features

Among the main features of this hybrid are its record yield, excellent taste and appearance, resistance to the most common types of diseases, and relative ease of cultivation. Ripe tomatoes can be stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well.

Seeds for seedlings are sown in March-April. Before planting seedlings, it is hardened for 5-6 days.

The only difficulty that arises during cultivation is the increased demand for watering and lighting.

Due to the large size of the plant, its branches need a garter. The plant is very fond of the sun, but cannot stand extreme heat and stuffiness.

In the stage of active growth and ovary, it needs fertilizers and growth stimulants.

  • Organic, mineral, phosphorus, complex and ready-made fertilizers, for seedlings and TOP of the best.
  • Yeast, iodine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, ash, boric acid.
  • What is foliar dressing and when picking, how to carry it out.

Diseases and pests

Gardeners need to be wary of such an unpleasant phenomenon as the top rot of tomatoes. They fight against it by reducing the nitrogen content in the soil, and the calcium content must be increased. Also effective measures will be to increase watering and spraying the affected plants with a solution of calcium nitrate.

The second most common disease is brown spot. For its prevention and treatment, it is necessary to reduce watering and adjust the temperature.

Of the pests, this type of tomato is susceptible to the Colorado potato beetle, it causes great harm to the plant. The pests are collected by hand, after which the plants are treated with Prestige.

They fight slugs by loosening the soil, sprinkling with pepper and ground mustard, about 1 teaspoon per sq. meter.

As you can see, there are certain difficulties in caring for the Raspberry Onslaught variety, but they are quite surmountable, it is enough to follow the simple rules of care. Good luck and good harvest.

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