Not pleasant consequences! Flea bites on a person with a photo

Not pleasant consequences! Flea bites on a person with a photo

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Fleas are small, but extremely unpleasant blood-sucking parasites that cause a lot of inconvenience not only to animals, but also to humans.

How to recognize these insect bites?

The appearance of the parasite

Fleas are very different from other bloodsuckers in their appearance. Their length is about 3-5mm, therefore, it is quite difficult to spot these insects. The body is slightly oblong and rounded, increasing towards the rear. The sides are slightly flattened.

These parasites very strong shell, composed of chitinso it is difficult to crush them. The most common color is black or brown. These bloodsuckers have three pairs of legs, the longest and strongest ones being the hind ones, with their help adults can jump up to half a meter.

The whole parasite is covered with small bristles... The head is round, slightly flattened. It has two eyes and two antennae. The insect's mouth is practically invisible. It looks like a tiny proboscis with powerful jaws.

How does the bite happen?

Fleas feed only on blood... There are several types of parasites, but humans are more likely to be bitten by the human, feline, and canine species. Many people think that they live on skin or wool, but this is not the case. These insects live next to a person in secluded corners (they especially love rugs and various rags), where they reproduce (where do fleas come from in an apartment and in a house?).

When the adult is hungry she jumps on a person, finds the thinnest spot on the skin, pierces it and feeds on blood... After the parasite is full, it immediately leaves the human body.

REFERENCE! People are bitten not only by human, but also by cat fleas. This happens when the adults are hungry, but their main host is not nearby. In this case, insects jump on a person and feed on his blood.

Read about how fleas from animals can be dangerous to humans here.


Flea bites are similar to allergies or wounds from other bloodsuckers (how to treat such bites?). The first step is to examine the affected area: fleas, unlike other parasites, make not one, but two punctures in the skin. Here are the main symptoms of such bites:

  • during the bite itself, acute pain occurs (as if the skin was pierced with a needle);
  • after the bite, swelling and very severe itching appearslater, the affected area may bleed;
  • mostly bites are found on the legs (knees, feet, ankles) and waist, less often - on the armpits;
  • punctures can be at a distance of a couple of centimeters from each other (one individual bites the skin in several places).

Next, you will see a photo of flea bites on a person:

Why don't fleas bite everyone?

These insects do not bite everyone. At risk are people who have very thin and delicate skin. It is believed that parasites are attracted by a certain blood group (scientists suggest that fleas are more fond of the first group), but this is not the only factor. People whose body temperature is higher than normal, these bloodsuckers bite more often. Also, insects can be attracted by the smell of sweat.

Flea bites are extremely unpleasant and painful, in addition, they carry a certain danger to humans. Be sure to remove these parasites from the house, regularly treat your pets from them.

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