What is boric acid alcohol solution for? Application and instructions for the preparation of a 3% mixture

What is boric acid alcohol solution for? Application and instructions for the preparation of a 3% mixture

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This drug is currently used in both folk and traditional medicine for its antiseptic properties.

Boric acid is a solution in ethanol (70%), the concentration of which can vary between 0.6 - 4.5%. Odorless.

The main advantage of such a medicine is its low price with the greatest effect from use. Next, we will tell you what it is for and what it can be treated with. How to make solutions correctly.

To whom the drug is contraindicated and the negative consequences of its use. And also, the analogue of what drugs it is.

Active substance

For a better understanding of the qualities of this drug, you need to consider this drug in detail and analyze what it is.

On a note. In fact, boric alcohol is a white powder, which is just a weak odorless acid.

  1. It is used as a disinfectant and antiseptic substance that is neutral for body tissues.
  2. It is allowed to use it as a powder for various diseases of the skin.
  3. Outwardly as alcoholic and aqueous solutions and ointments.

Indications for use

Boric acid is used in every possible way:

  • as a disinfectant in adults;
  • with eye diseases to cure conjunctivitis;
  • various skin diseases (dermatitis);
  • inflammatory processes in the ears (otitis media).

For whom is it not recommended?

The use of boric acid is not recommended:

  • patients with negative changes in renal function;
  • nursing mothers;
  • people with individual intolerance.

It is not necessary to apply the drug to large areas of the skin.

Type and dosage upon sale

Boric acid is sold as:

  1. Alcohol three percent solution (in bottles of 40 ml and dispensing bottles of 10 ml, 15 ml and 25 ml).
  2. Powder for external use (in jars of 25 grams).

To prepare the solution, take 3 grams of powder and dissolve them in 4-6 tablespoons of boiling water. The active ingredient in these preparations is boric acid. The solution in the form of an additional component has 70% alcohol (we described in detail how boric alcohol differs from boric and salicylic acid in a separate article).

Duration of treatment

Boric acid preparations are used two to three times a day. As a rule, treatment takes 4-7 days.

Effects on the human body

When ingested, the drug is easily absorbed from the intestines into the bloodstream. And also the repeated action is obtained from the skin and mucous membranes. In the blood vessels, acid is not neutralized, but moves unchanged, mainly excreted by the kidneys (about 90%), and the rest is rejected by the liver with bile (10%).

This substance is excreted slowly, about half is excreted after 30-35 hours, and the other part can be in the body for up to 5 days.

The substance is irritating to the mucous membranes, destroys the kidneys and negatively affects the nerve cells of the brain.

Important! In children, due to an unformed body and a weak immune system, it can cause poisoning and lead to intoxication.

What is it used for?

Drops in the ears

The drug with boric acid is allowed to be used for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinus, eczematous changes in the ears and otitis media of the outer surface of the hearing organ. In case of inflammation in the ear for instillation, you can use an alcoholic three percent solution of boric acid.

The principle of the drug's action is to change the structure of proteins at the cellular level and the permeability of their membranes, as a result of which they die.

It is permissible to use funds for inflammation of the ear canal only if the eardrum is not injured.

What does the eye treat?

Boric acid is often used in medicine in the treatment of various pathologies of the organs of vision. Most often this the solution is used for conjunctivitis and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye.

Despite concerns, the use of this medication for rinsing the eyes is permitted. They treat the cavity of the eyelids and the eyeball in inflammatory processes.

How to use it as an antiseptic?

Boric acid is a universal disinfectant that is used not only for sanitizing, but also for cleansing from purulent wounds and rinsing the genitals. As an antiseptic, you need to use a two or three percent solution of this drug.

Pest control

Boric acid is used in the fight against insects by a contact method. Powder - like intestinal poison, is used in practice, mainly to fight cockroaches and ants.

It is laid out in places where insects accumulate as bait, both dry and wet. The manifestation of the action occurs gradually, as the powder accumulates in the insect's body for about 7-11 days.

Features of use by adults and children

The most common indication for adults and children is skin disinfection.

Note! Due to many side effects, partial restrictions have been made on the use of this drug for children under 18 years of age.

You can find out if boric acid can be used to treat children's ears here.

In adults, skin inflammation, otitis media and conjunctivitis are currently treated with this remedy. In the treatment of ear diseases, turundas (cotton swabs that are inserted into the ear canal) are used. A 10% solution with glycerin is used to lubricate diaper rash, and in the treatment of head lice, ointment is used.

The course of treatment is prescribed by the doctor and it is better not to self-medicate because of the toxicity of the drug.

Instructions for preparing a 3% alcohol mixture

Preparing the solution yourself:

  1. To obtain a 3% acid solution, you first need to prepare a vial, preferably with applied weight strokes. Rinse and rinse it first. Pour 3.4 grams of boric acid into a measuring bottle and pour 120 ml of boiling water into it. Stir this mixture thoroughly.
  2. Then you should strain the solution through cotton wool or a multilayer gauze bandage.
  3. Pour into another prepared (sterile) vial, close tightly with a stopper. Store on the top shelf in the refrigerator.

When does it help most successfully?

Recommendation. When using the drug for your own purposes, you must carefully read the recommendations, since the method of using the drug in any individual case may be different.

In this regard, we propose to consider several categories of people for whom the use of boric acid helps most successfully.

Methods of use and application:

  1. With severe ear pain. Putting cotton swabs in the ear canal.
  2. With conjunctivitis. By instillation into the lower eyelid of the eye.
  3. From the smell and sweating of the feet. Powder should be poured into shoes overnight. And in the morning, pour out the contents.
  4. From toenail fungus... Use water baths with a weak boric acid solution.
  5. Women in cosmetology. Use the drug to cleanse the face, correct wrinkles, and treat skin rashes.
  6. In adolescence from acne. Wipe problem areas with a cotton swab dipped in boric acid.
  7. Young women for depilation. Daily application of the drug topically for two weeks.

Side effects

The elements contained in the preparation do not significantly cause side effects. But if the patient has an overdose at the time of contact with open wounds, mucosal injury, or prolonged use, then this can cause the phenomenon of chronic intoxication.

It is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • swelling of tissues;
  • high temperature;
  • changes in the central nervous system;
  • pain inside;
  • rash;
  • convulsions.

Substitution with drugs

  • For ear diseases, antibacterial: "Tsipromed", "Otofa", "Fugentin".
  • Anti-inflammatory - Otipax, Otinum.
  • For eye diseases: chloramphenicol, dexamethasone. With retinal dystrophy: emoxipin ", taufon, aktipol.
  • With dermatitis: Eplan, Skin-Cap, Tsinocap.

Boric acid is an effective remedy for ear diseases. On our website you will find information on how to treat ears with compresses and turunda with this remedy, as well as find out if this medicine can be dripped into the ears during pregnancy.

The careful use of boric acid helps to improve health, and also helps to solve problems in some everyday matters, while the drug can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Observing safety measures and only as prescribed by the doctor of this medication, it will bring the desired effect.

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