Question: sowing

Hello everyone. Meanwhile, I thank those who answer me ... I say beginner, so I don't know much ... I recently sowed cercis siliquastrum seeds in a miniserra. before I put them 2 days in hot water then I sowed them and put them in the dark at temperatures of around 25 degrees for 1 week and every now and then. since 2 days I have seen that they have become dark brown ... someone knows me from how much they will germinate and if I am doing well ?? thanks

Answer: sowing

Dear Andrea,
it may be that your Isis emi germinino, although generally the cercis seeds spend the winter outdoors, exposed to frost and bad weather, before germinating. For this reason they are equipped with a protection that does not allow water to penetrate, except in spring. Many plants produce seeds whose germination is conditioned by the correct flow of the seasons; then to germinate cercis seeds that have grown in winter at home, place them in the refrigerator for a few weeks before sowing them, to simulate winter.