The healing power of cabbage with honey. Help with coughs, migraines, fever, burns and bruises

The healing power of cabbage with honey. Help with coughs, migraines, fever, burns and bruises

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The first time you hear about such a combination of products, you may wonder, is it useful? After all, cabbage and honey are mainly used in food, although at all times their healing power was known.

Of course, there are many chemistry-based drugs these days, but not everyone likes or can afford such treatments. It is not necessary at the first symptoms to run and buy most of the pharmacy, nature has already prepared the best for us.

When is this combination used?

When can a combination of cabbage and honey be used for treatment?:

  1. From cough;
  2. for joints;
  3. with migraine;
  4. at a temperature;
  5. with mastopathy;
  6. from burns and wounds;
  7. from bruises;

Contraindications for use:

  • Allergic reactions to both products or their combination are possible. Most often, there is still an allergy to honey. To use cabbage with honey without negative consequences, you need to thoroughly know your body and the body of your child.

    In order not to harm, you should first check the product. To do this, apply honey to your wrist and wait. If everything is in order, then continue the procedure, but carefully monitor the place with the compress during the entire treatment.

  • Another contraindication is high fever. Warming up can only worsen the condition.
  • Do not use a compress if there is damage to the skin at the site of its application, as this may not be safe.

What are the contraindications for the use of cabbage for various diseases, we told in a separate article.

How to choose a method of application?

The compress should be used when the outside needs to warm up the chest to remove phlegm from the lungs. The broth will help more with a sore throat, as well as if there are wounds or scratches on the chest (there may be skin irritation from the compress).

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a compress from leaves

If an adult coughs

The benefits of using a compress:

  • With a wet cough, it allows you to clear the lungs and airways due to the gradual excretion of phlegm.
  • With a dry cough, it softens the phlegm accumulated inside and further promotes its excretion from the body.
  • Elimination of allergic cough is possible, but this point must be clarified with a specialist.
  • Kills germs and partially destroys fungal spores.
  • Relieves inflammation, soothes and partially relieves spasms, eliminates sore throat.
  • Strengthens the immune system, promotes sustained resistance against infectious diseases.

Cooking method:

  1. It is important to select fresh products. It is better to use white cabbage.
  2. We select those leaves that have an area approximately the size of a palm, otherwise it will be inconvenient to make a compress.
  3. It is important to leave the leaves intact so that they do not burst when boiled.
  4. Honey must be of high quality and freshly harvested.
  5. Cabbage leaves need to be softened, for this, either scald them with boiling water, or hold them in hot water for a while.

Don't overcook the leaves, you need their healing juice. Honey is needed in a liquid state, so it will be more convenient to spread it on the leaves.

You need to apply the compress warm, as it cools down rather quickly:

  1. Apply the compress to the child and adult on the chest or back, avoiding the heart area.
  2. If your throat hurts, wrap it in a compress to warm your neck.
  3. For a longer heat retention, wrap with plastic and a warm scarf, and put a blanket on top.
  4. Keep on yourself for several hours, but if you have a strong cough, you can leave it on overnight. Warm-up times are slightly shorter in children than in adults.

It is recommended to keep the compress from several hours to 8-9 hours if left overnight... If this is your first time using this method, then do not leave the compress for longer than 1-2 hours, since you do not know the reaction of the body.

For treatment with a compress, one time is enough, but in case of a severe disease, you need to repeat the procedure again.

We offer you to watch a video on the use of cabbage leaf and honey against cough:

Cough for children

Only the freshest leaves should be selected. Use not the uppermost layers, but those that are the size of the palm of an adult. Only the freshest honey is selected. Soften the cabbage leaves, for this either scald them with boiling water, or hold them a little in hot water.

  1. Dry the leaves gently and spread with honey.
  2. Apply the honey side to the body.
  3. Wrap the sheets in plastic, a warm scarf, and cover the baby with a warm blanket. You can leave it for several hours.

For joints

  1. To do this, you need to take a cabbage leaf and make small serifs on it.
  2. Heat and then brush with a thin layer of honey.
  3. Apply a compress to the affected joint, put plastic on top, secure and cover with something warm.

A few applications will be enough to relieve or completely forget about joint pain.

With migraine

The cause of a headache is always difficult to identify. Taking too many pills can harm your body, so sometimes you can resort to traditional methods of treatment. To relieve a headache, you just need to take a cabbage leaf, knead it a little and apply it to the disturbing part of the head. Then fix with something warm to warm up.

At a temperature

Cabbage and honey will help alleviate the condition at elevated body temperature. To do this, gently scald the cabbage leaves with boiling water, wipe dry, brush a little with honey and apply to the back or chest, avoiding the heart area. Fix. Leave it on for a few hours.

Do not use the compress at very high temperatures, as this can worsen the condition of the body!

With mastopathy

In parallel with the main treatment, you can support your body with the help of cabbage leaves and honey. You need to smear the leaf with honey and attach it to the chest. This compress will help you to delay the process of birth of malignant tumors... Self-treatment for such a disease is inappropriate.

From burns and wounds

Burns and wounds are not uncommon, especially in children. It is possible to facilitate tissue healing with the help of cabbage leaf and honey. You need to take fresh cabbage leaves, knead them a little (the juice should not drain, the leaves should be slightly damp) and scald (to eliminate the risk of infection), apply honey in a thin layer and attach to the healing part of the body, fix.

This will relieve pain symptoms; in case of serious injuries, you must definitely go to the hospital.

From bruises

First aid for bruises can be provided with the help of cabbage leaf and honey.... Take fresh cabbage leaves, scald them, apply honey in a thin layer, apply the uncooled leaves to the diseased part of the body and fix.


A decoction of cabbage leaves is also useful for treating throat. It will help warm your throat and act as an expectorant for coughing. For cooking, the head of cabbage should be broken into sheets, put in a saucepan, and filled with water.

The approximate ratio of sheets to water: 1: 3. Bring to a boil, turn off, let stand for 25-30 minutes.

You can drink the broth, adding a little honey to it.... Take half a glass 3 times a day, preferably 20 minutes before meals.

Possible side effects

People who have an increased acidity of the stomach, suffer from flatulence and have an allergic reaction to cabbage and honey should refuse to use such treatment so as not to irritate the body.

Generally cabbage and honey compress is safe and does not cause side effects.

In conclusion, I would like to note that self-medication is very dangerous, as it can worsen the condition and harm. Even such a simple treatment can lead to bad consequences. For safety, it is worth consulting a doctor.