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Ficus Ginseng

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Question: Ficus Ginseng

Hi everyone, my name is antonio and I am a thirteen year old who is lately becoming passionate about bonsai. Clearly I am very inexperienced, and I recently bought a Ficus Ginseng plant, not yet bonsai that I would like to grow bonsai. I would like to know where to expose it, about how to water it, if I have to repot it since the land is that of a supermarket and if I can spray it even with distilled water. Since there is no one at home, can I show it during the day outside? if yes, under what conditions? Thanks a lot to everyone!

Answer: Ficus Ginseng

Dear Antonio,
ficus ginseng is an indoor bonsai among the most cultivated, because this plant adapts well to the particular conditions existing in the apartment; however, it is a plant native to areas with tropical climate, hot and humid throughout the year. You will therefore have to cultivate it in a well-lit area, but not characterized by direct sunlight, which could damage the leaves, and excessively reduce the moisture around the plant. These plants are grown at home, during the cold season, as soon as the minimum temperatures rise above 10-12 ° C, you can easily move your ficus outdoors, in an area sheltered from the wind and direct sun, but however bright and with good air exchange.
If your ficus is placed in an asphyxiated and hard soil, you should repot it as soon as possible, using a compound consisting of a mixture of three parts of akadama and a part of universal soil, be careful not to excessively damage the root system, especially the part that is closest to the stem of the plant.
Once the plant is repotted, in April-May you can find an outdoor location, if you can find a place that is also exposed to the elements it would be perfect, so your ficus will also receive the water of the weather.
The ficus ginseng love a humid climate, but they do not need continuous and excessive watering: it is sufficient to keep the soil cool and slightly damp, always waiting for it to dry almost completely between two waterings; It is better to water once less, rather than once too often.
More than anything else, as long as it is in the house, remember to increase the humidity around the plant by vaporizing the foliage; for this operation it uses distilled water, while to water the plant you can use the common tap water.
Immediately after repotting, the akadama substrate will be able to guarantee the correct content of mineral salts for your plant; after a couple of months, resume supplying fertilizer every 12-15 days, until the end of autumn, using a specific fertilizer for bonsai. During the winter it is not necessary to supply fertilizer.
So, summarizing: regular watering, but only when the soil is dry (therefore almost every day in summer, about once a week in winter), vaporize the foliage often, fertilizer in the vegetative season every 12-15 days, warm and humid climate , with minimum temperatures above 12 ° C, bright position but without direct sun.