Herbicide for lawn of dichondra

Question: a herbicide for dichondra

Hi, my name is Pasquale, and I am from NAPLES, I wanted to take advantage of two problems: 1) Having a garden of about 300 square meters all planted with dicondra repens, is there a selective herbicide for white trifolium repens ?? 2) I also have a beautiful variegated privet hedge (in this period) but in winter only the branches remain, zero leaves there is a solution, since I have noticed that where I am + repaired the fall of the leaves is minimal ???

Herbicide for lawn of dichondra: Answer

Dear Easter,
selective herbicides work thanks to the fact that the various plants have very different leaf characteristics, therefore on the common grass, we say loietto, we use a herbicide that kills the plants with round leaves, leaving the ryegrass intact, which has a thread-like leaf. As for the dichondra, unfortunately it too has a roundish foliage, and therefore the selective herbicides would also kill the dichondra, leaving you a completely bare lawn. The only way you can get your lawn free of the clover is to fertilize the dichondra carefully, water it and re-seed it in areas where it is not thick enough; in this way, you will stimulate the development of the dichondra seedlings, to the detriment of the clover ones.
As for the privet, unfortunately it is a semi evergreen plant, meaning that it keeps the foliage even in winter, only if the weather conditions allow it; and in fact, as you yourself have noticed, plants placed in more sheltered areas keep the foliage. The only method you have for not losing the foliage is to cover the crowns of your privets with the woven fabric, so that they do not undergo such rigid temperatures as to cause all the leaves to fall.